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Therapy Session


"Living Life On Purpose"

At Agape we believe that every person deserves to be treated with respect and empowered to direct the care they receive. We are committed to a culturally competent, multidisciplinary approach using evidence-based practices in the delivery of services. Individualized services are provided in the least restrictive environment possible with the goal of increasing quality of life in a manner that allows effective integration into the community, activities and lifestyle of choice.

Agencies, families, individuals or providers may contact us at any time to receive information on services including medical, mental illnesses, substance use and other specialized area services. Staff verifies medical necessity and refers the caller to the appropriate Agape or community provider. We also work to help people access financial assistance, entitlement benefits and medication assistance.

Communication Assistance

If you or your family are deaf or hard of hearing, sign language interpreters are available at no cost to you. 

Foreign language interpreters are also available at no cost.  If you need an interpreter or other communication assistance, you can request this assistance by contacting the office.

My Health Information

Access to Care

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Practice Fusion is AHAWC’s patient portal and electronic health record (HER) system. Clients can access Practice Fusion at any time to schedule appointments, request prescription refills, access forms and manage their care.

The information provided by Agape is protected by Federal Law (HIPAA & CFR42). We ask that clients keep us up-to-date with current and accurate information at each visit. Up-to-date information such as address, email address, cell phone number and home telephone number are important in making it possible for us to contact you about appointments and services. Your treatment at AHAWC is confidential. However, signing releases allows us to coordinate your treatment with the rest of your healthcare providers, and with any important caregivers or organizations (school, social service agencies) with whom you are involved.

Support Group
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